Colorado Springs

2110 Vickers Drive
Colorado Springs, CO80918
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Thank you for your interest in The Learning Experience at Colorado Springs, CO. Our center is now open and enrolling!. We offer premier child care to children ages six weeks to five years and after school care for children up to eight years of age at most of our centers. The Learning Experience is not just a daycare facility but also a complete child development center with a dynamic and fun environment that is committed to quality care and education of your child. 


Our parents have confidence each day that their child is being taken care of in a loving and respectful way. We extend the offer to all families to come visit us and see why The Learning Experience in Colorado Springs is the perfect home away from home. We know that choosing care for your little one(s) is an important decision and greatly affects the life of your child and your family. We pride ourselves on our warm and loving teachers, phenomenal curriculums and the simple extras that make bringing your child to day care an easy and stress free event.


Our unique programs are based upon years of research and early childhood education experience and that is why we pride ourselves on offering both excellent academic programming as well as a variety of enrichment programs all free of charge to our children. Our proprietary “Little Learners” educational program has been developed for our infants to one year olds. It employs theme-based activities and written daily communication for parents about each child’s day at the center. From there, children advance into the Toddlers program. Children who walk are ready and able to explore the toddler room, a specially designed space that encourages reinforcement of gross motor skills.  Two year olds advance to the Twaddlers program and once they are fully potty trained they become Preppers. Sometime between two and three years old, these great adventurers make use of their newly found independence and become involved in hands-on activities that prepare them for preschool. Preppers learn the wonders of science, computers and social studies in addition to the fundamentals of pre-reading, pre-writing and math.


Once children are of preschool age, three and four year olds, they begin to use The Learning Experience® curriculum; “L.E.A.P” or The Learning Experience’s Academic Program realizes that how children learn is as important as what they learn. It encourages each child to achieve success while acquiring invaluable social skills.


All children participate in one or more of our enrichment programs provided by Charlie Choo Choo® that come directly to the children’s classrooms. Programs including Music 4 Me®, Dancing Feet®, Suddenly Science®, Marvelous Math®, Start to Art ®,  Movin’ & Grovin’® and Fun with Phonics® further develops each child’s imagination, socialization skills, mind and body. The programs rotate every twelve weeks and the program(s) each class receives is determined upon age appropriateness. In addition, we believe what is good for one child is good for all and that is why we never charge our parents for enrichment programs. Come see our facilites in Colorado Springs, where we invite you to join our TLE family!